Smart Fingerprint Door lock By Lumive [240/4585 Mortise Included]

Five Methods to Unlock Smart Fingerprint Door lock:

There are five ways to open our Smart Door Lock: keyless access via Wi-Fi and the Smart Life App; biometric fingerprint; M1 RFID Card; password on the keypad; and mechanical key for emergencies.

Access Unlocking history of Smart Fingerprint Door lock:

For the Smart Door lock, you can use the Smart Life App, which is connected to Wi-Fi. You can look over and verify the unlocking history log. The temporary password or electronic key can also be given to visitors, babysitters, housekeepers, tenants, guests, and other people as needed.

Fingerprint recognition technology and an anti-peeping mechanism:

For increased security, the fingerprint lock recognition mechanism won’t copy the prosthetic fingerprint. It also offers anti-peeping virtual password entry by inputting a random passcode either before or after the proper password. It also offers anti-peeping virtual password entry. Your door’s security is considerably increased by doing this.

Simple installation of Smart Fingerprint Door lock:

Following the instructions will allow you to swiftly install smart door locks on the left side of the door without any outside assistance, but if you are not accustomed to using hand tools, we advise consulting a specialist for speedy installation and any necessary door modification.

Backup batteries for emergencies in Smart Fingerprint Door lock:

This smart door lock will sound an alert when the battery is low. With a mobile power source or any power source that has a micro USB port, you can momentarily change your lock.

Compatibility with both left and right:

Stop worrying about installation with the Lumive Smart Door Lock, which can be used on either the right or left side and is readily interchangeable using a screwdriver.

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Control your Home security from anywhere Using Lumive Smart Lock keyless entry

Lumive Smart Fingerprint Door Lock, Could be Installed Left or Right with five different methods to unlock it Access can be gained using a mechanical key, a passcode, a fingerprint reader, or an M1 card. The auto-lock feature would assist you if you forgot to lock your door, and the anti-peep password function can safeguard your code from being stolen.

No More Searching for Keys

With Lumive WiFi door lock, there is no more searching and fumbling for your keys! Our smart door lock makes home entry much more convenient.

Multiple Unlocking Methods

Our Smart Fingerprint Door Lock has multiple ways to lock and unlock it. You can use your cell phone as keyless entry, fingerprint, keypad, or a key.

Smart Home 

It is elegantly designed to make any home’s front door look great, but can be used in a multitude of rooms around the house.

Monitoring and Smart Access Control

The app on your phone stores your information about our fingerprint door lock, so you can be sure that your information is safe.

Technical Details

  • Smart Lock Sizes: L 240 (mm)*W 60 (mm)
  • Unlock Methods: WIFI, M1 Card, Passcode, Fingerprint, or Mechanical Key.
  • App Name: Smart Life/Tuya App
  • Battery life: 10000 normal open cycles (12 months)
  • Power supply: DC6V, 4pcs alkaline batteries (Included)
  • Unlock time: 1-1.5 seconds.

Box includes

  • Lumive Smart Fingerprint Door Lock with Front and Back Panel
  • 1×240-4585 Mortise
  • 2x RFID M1 Cards
  • 2x Mechanical Keys
  • 1x Cutting Template
  • 1x Screw Kit
  • 1x Mounting Kit
  • 1 x English User Manual

What's Inside the box of Smart Lock By Lumive

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